My Creative Hustle VII

Thursday 29/06/17 | 7:36am

Right now I’m full up on mixed fruit, apricots, 3 bowls of muesli, a croissant and some loaf from work. And if you’ve been hanging with me for much of this year or heard my latest song ‘Nicotine Fiend’ you’ll know that I’ve been struggling with binge eating. This week it has come back in a big way and I’m sitting here feeling like a balloon. I’m not going to bag on too much about this experience because I talk about it a lot as it is but I am right now at a low point where I’m feeling the shame, frustration and failure part of the binge eating experience.

In this state, I have little motivation to hustle. So I want to offer my 5 key ways to keep hustling even in your lowest emotional states. Right now I honestly feel shit, and I believe I will be able to draw on what truly does inspire me in this particularly rough time.

1 – Dreams/Goals

This is a real big part of what keeps me going at high and low points. It’s what I want to achieve in my life. For me at the core of it all I want to overcome all odds and achieve success in music. I want to be a Rapper that creates music heard on a world-wide scale. Ultimately it’s a selfish goal, but nonetheless it drives me harder because of how impossible it seems, I want to do it 10 fold just because I want to prove it can be done. I believe my favourite Rapper is @logic301 because he has that similar trait.

Focusing on your impossible goals and allowing yourself to fantasise on the potential successes to come will give you a reason to Hustle. Because let’s face it, why do something in the hard times when there isn’t a reason? There’s got to be some reason as to why we grit our teeth and keep going, so use your dreams as that reason. Even though I haven’t achieved my biggest dreams yet the sense of working toward them even in the hard times is exhilarating. It makes me feel like I’m one of the few who can stick it through.

2 – Pep Talk (I Can Do It)

I frequently host these 1 on 1 meetings with myself everywhere I go and if it weren’t for my mum teaching me this phrase I wouldn’t be as optimistic with my life. So, never underestimate the power of saying to yourself “I can do it”. Self-affirmation, it’s huge stuff. I often find myself staring straight into my eyes in the toilet room at work giving myself the inspiration to get through the shift so I can go home and work on my music. It’s the key to pushing through. Right now, you can apply it to any struggle you’re going through. For example: I can do this. I CAN get this blog posted despite having worked for 10 hours today with an ever increasing head ache. I WILL make it it happen.

Every time you hear yourself saying you Can’t do something stop yourself and rephrase your sentence because, you CAN, just you choose not to. No excuses.

3 – Letting out a ROAR!

I don’t care if you’re a female reading this and think “I can’t roar” because if you don’t want to roar, scream! It’s amazing, I actually saw this being done on the documentary of Tony Robbin’s ‘I Am Not Your Guru’, and when I was at a low I summoned the courage and roared in my house. Then I opened my door to the street and roared there too. It’s actually crazy how satisfying it can feel. We let so much crap just build up sometimes that it piles and piles and we don’t let it out because we think society frowns on letting out all our emotions. Man, letting it out is refreshing, and to be honest I’m going to do it right now while Carlos is editing behind me, film his reaction and upload that to my Facebook page. Okay truth I was doing it predominantly to get a reaction out of Carlos but man, it still feels good, especially if you’re a somewhat reserved person. Just try it.

Check out my attempt to roar !

4 – Gary Vee+Gary Vee+Gary Vee

I watch Gary Vee in my down time, sometimes when I’m having breakfast, after a spot of lunch and even when I’m meal prepping. Honestly watching his clips for me is incredible because I aspire to be like Gary. He is a crazy role model to me and after watching his videos I always take something away from it. Whether it’s a new idea or perspective I hadn’t thought about/let myself be exposed to or just some genuine inspiration, I always feel G’d up watching him work. It really helps me to find an extra gear many times. So find remind yourself of your inspirations and the people you look up to.

5 – Quit thinking

When I think too much I get anxious. When I get anxious I tend to halt all production. Thinking is the hardest thing to stop sometimes, but once you do, you can push past the thinking stage and realise you don’t need to think anymore so you continue doing. After a while the feelings go away and you realise you’re okay.

I tend to write down what’s on my mind each day, sort of like a check list but less definitive and I go through and chip away at each of those things. When I start thinking too much I like to just look at one of the things on my list and do it, without giving it any thought! Just get straight into it, don’t contemplate it, don’t consider nothing, just pure do.

Nike, Just Do It… You know what, I’m going to print that out and put it on my wall.
And I’m not even going to think about it, I’m going to do it right now. This moment.


Oh yeah, and look at your wall of inspiration.

Boom, that’s my 5 tips.

In all honesty, I believe I still need to be exercising each of these points more because lately I’ve been falling short and making excuses for my eating habits. But truthfully these points really help me keep hustling even when I feel average and think about tapping out.

I’d love to know your inspiration for hustling even in the hard times, so drop me a comment or DM to chat some more.

“You can be anything you want to be, ‘cept the person you want to be” – Logic

Professor Paul


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