Oaklands II

Tuesday 08/08/17 | 4:49am

Waddup! I’m writing early today because ya boy has to bounce and make some dollars to keep this music thing going. So I decided before I left to get some words out and share the events of my weekend! In short I attended the Marvel Exhibit, Travy P’s EP launch, Oaklands II and a birthday party all in two days. However while I was chilling with my homie @mel.tothe.rose at @oaklandsbne a penny dropped, and I decided because I enjoy writing I would review the performance of the next artist to take the stage. That just so happened to be @Apemanshit.

To give you some back story, Apeman was the first guy I heard about who was making waves in Brisbane as a rapper. He runs a show on 4ZZZ (A Primate Evolved), works with an array of up and coming artists and releases his own music. The guy has helped me in a number of ways as I’ve started to make my entry into the scene and his set on Saturday proved why everybody should get to know Apeman.

Frankly I was messed up Saturday afternoon, there was very little energy inside of me that I was willing to use to wig out in this set since I’d attended Travy P’s gig earlier that morning. However, with strides of confidence Ape took to the stage and quickly assembled everyone around me front and centre. I joined in and tried to muster my energy as I prepared for the onslaught I knew had to follow. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before @tomtom.allg spun the decks and I literally witnessed a human transform into King Kong. B-a-n-a-n-a-s.

One thing I couldn’t help but admire as I bopped up and down feeling 110% legless, was the relentless commitment to his Ape image that merged seamlessly into his Electronic Punk Rap performance. No joke, it wasn’t the crowd that determined how he performed it was his performance that determined the actions of the crowd. He unapologetically did his thing, and the crowd stayed with him the whole way, through the mosh moments and all.

Apeman 6
The guy who makes beats with me took this photo… @mel.tothe.rose

As an artist who also has an ‘image’ I definitely looked up to his delivery @oaklandsbne and felt that in terms of interaction I could learn a lot from the Ape. Being a Professor and all, studying is everything.

My fave track had to be Rocky X it got me fired up the most.

If you’ve spotted this guy around BNE before holla!

Professor Paul



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